Music by Arthur Sullivan : Lyrics and Libretto by W.S. Gilbert



High spirits prevail aboard HMS Pinafore as Little Buttercup distributes sweets and tobacco to the crew. Ralph Rackstraw’s mind, however, is on Josephine. He is in love with her even though she is socially unattainable. Unaware of his affection for her, Josephine is in love with Ralph but pride prevents her from revealing this because of his low station. Josephine, meanwhile, is sought in marriage by Sir Joseph Porter whose advances she refuses to acknowledge.


Sir Joseph holds strong views about the treatment of sailors. He maintains that a British sailor is any man’s equal (excepting his own), and should always be treated with politeness without recourse to bad language or abuse. This inspires Ralph to declare his love to Josephine who soon forgets her price and confesses her true feelings to him. Plans are quickly made to smuggle the couple ashore that night to be married. The only crew member who is not happy at the news is Dick Deadeye. He betrays their intentions to the Captain and they are caught before they can leave the ship. Furious at Ralph’s actions, the Captain swears an oath at him which is, unfortunately, overheard by Sir Joseph. He is appalled at such an outburst and turns to Ralph for an explanation. Unfortunately, Ralph only makes matters worse by revealing that he is in love with Josephine.


The situation is saved by Little Buttercup who intervenes to confess how, in her youth, she had fostered two babies from opposite ends of the social ladder. In the course of caring for them she had mixed them up. The baby from the poor background was Captain Corcoran and the other was Ralph. Upon hearing this, Sir Joseph immediately loses all interest in Josephine and gladly resigns her to Ralph, now Captain Rackstraw.


Producer Glyn Williams

Musical Director Harold Smethurst Bach Mus, LRAM




Little Buttercup Edith Hemper
Bill Bobstay Lawrence Reed
Dick Deadeye James Godwin
Ralph Rackstraw Kenneth Kendrick
Captain Corcoran Roderick Henley
Josephine Norma Evans
The Rt Hon Sir Joseph Porter KCB John Fowler
Hebe                                                          Joan Previte
Bob Becket Gordon Rowe
SAILORS, MARINES, ETC.M Brailsford, L Brush, K Eldridge, P Gibbs, N Gibson-Horrocks, A Hinton, J Hudson, P Morgan, L Slatter, I Stewart, G Storer, A Underwood,K Warner
SIR JOSEPH’S SISTERS, COUSINS & AUNTSR Abbott, E Bushby, E Daryl-Joseph, C Easy, I Greene, A Grove, J Huckle, V La Roche, E McAthy, G Paice, N Page, J Ross, A Speed, Y Tanner, M Thomson, J Tivers

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