16 – 19 NOVEMBER 2011, The Secombe Theatre, Sutton

WLOS_HMS_Pinafore_flyer_front small

Director – Angela Daniel

Musical Director – Jon Mizler

Choreographers – Mithu Lucraft, Friesia Schuil & Angela Daniel

Adapted by – Angela Daniel with Jon Mizler

Musical arrangements by – Paul Sadler

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Cast List

Josephine Amanda Stewart
Ralph Robert Lomax
Captain Jason Thomas
Sir Joseph Robert Owen
Buttercup Trudi Camilleri
Dick Deadeye Nick Simpson
Sisters Singing Trio Marion Barton
Naomi Fieldus
Friesia Schuil
Boatswain Michael Pandazis
Boatswain’s Mate Nigel Smith
Cousin Hebe Libby Asher
Aunt Carole Homer

Chorus: Andrea Adegbite, Jenny Bardwell, Mikey Beard, Hazel Channon, Kerri Connors, Margaret Etches, Geoff Greensmith, Matt Hawkins,  Gabrielle Lambert, Stephanie Lomax, Matthew Marks, Spencer Mitchell, Candice Newton, Dianne Norton, Emma Pearson, Anne Pringle, Katherine Richardson, Mo Rogers, Gill Rossiter, Paul Sadler, Richard Seagroatt, Greg Shaw, Penny Stone, Victoria Warne

HMS Pinafore (Re-launched!) was a colourful, energetic romp full of tongue-in-cheek humour, great melodies and slightly more of a lean towards musical theatre than operetta. The intent was to make G&S more accessible to a wider audience and to affect them the way the original production might have affected its audience in Victorian times.  Being generally less operatic overall, some numbers received quite a different musical treatment to the original, including some very exciting ‘jazzed up’ arrangements (specially added for an enthusiastic female trio!). We also be added some new musical numbers from other G&S shows, creating a really fun ‘fusion’ production of our own.

In our show, The HMS Pinafore was ‘re-launched’ by the Royal Navy in a slightly different guise.  In a difficult economic climate the ship was re-launched as the Navy’s first Carribean cruise which gave us a lot more opportunity for ensemble involvement (and particularly more roles for women) than in the original.  Whilst making every effort to maintain the integrity of the original production there were many ‘nods and winks’ to the audience, including interaction with the orchestra, topical references and some physical comedy too! G&S wrote in order to poke humour at the government, people and culture of the day and we did a little of the same!

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