Lyrics by W.S. Gilbert, Music by Arthur Sullivan




Prince Hilarion has been waiting for this day for twenty years. He is about to meet the girl he was betrothed to as a baby, to unite the kingdoms of Hildebrand and Gama. Unfortunately, this girl, Princess Ida, has decided that men are little more than monkeys in suits and she does not want to honour the commitment, so has retreated to Castle Adamant to run a women’s university.

In an attempt to woo her, Hilarion, and his friends, Cyril and Florian, are forced to dress up as maidens in order to infiltrate the castle. Once the ‘maidens’ are in, various girls attending the college discover the ‘maidens’ secret. These girls attempt to keep their knowledge secret, but eventually, Princess Ida discovers the intruders to be no more than men in women’s clothes, and condemns them to a dungeon cell to await their fate.

Hildebrand invades the castle with his army and threatens war on the women. After it looks like violence is sure to erupt, Ida finally relinquishes and agrees to marry Hilarion.


Producer John Gilbert

Musical Director Edgar Walker




King Hildebrand Percy Morgan
Hilarion Roy Pleasance
Cyril Vic Underwood
Florian Roderick Henley
King Gama Laurence Cuckney
Arac Laurence Reed
Guron Jack Hudson
Scynthius James Godwin
Princess Ida Norma Evans
Lady Blanche Nora Page
Lady Psyche Ann Grove
Melissa Ruth Abbott
Sacharissa Valerie Laroche
Chloe Eileen Coxeter
Ada Joan Huckle
Soldiers, Courtiers “Girl Graduates”, “Daughters of the Plough”Messieurs 



D Bailey, P Coxon, J Davis, K Eldridge, M Elton, P Gibbs, A Jones, C Kennedy, C Leith, D Powell, E Price, I Simmons, L Slatter, G Storer, K Warner, G Way.
P Daniels, E Daryl-Joseph, C Easy, I Elton, O Green, H Greener, J Gillett, E Henley, B Kennedy, B Knowles, E McAthy, G Paice, G Pleasance, J Previte, J Richardson, L Shannon, M Stewart, P Sullivan, M Thomson

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