Music by Arthur Sullivan: Lyrics and Libretto by W.S. Gilbert




The curtain rises to show a corps of professional bridesmaids who are maintained by the village of Rederring in Cornwall, to be on duty every day from ten to four.  Dame Hannah appears and her song unfolds the story of the opera.  A curse made on an early baronet of Ruddigore continues, and all the successors in line are compelled to commit a crime a day.  Failure to do so means death.


The rightful heir to the title, in order to escape from the witch’s curse, hides himself in a Cornish village under the disguise of a young farmer.  We see Robin first as a shy youth anxious to win the love of Rose Maybud, a village maiden, whose actions are governed by the instructions given in a book on etiquette.  Robin’s lack of self-confidence prevents him from telling Rose of his aaffection, but Richard Dauntless, his foster brother, undertakes the task for him, and almost wins her for himself.  Arrangements are made for Robin’s wedding but these are hastily cancelled when he discovers that his true identity has been disclosed by Richard.


In the second act the unhappy Robin, now Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd, is tormented by his ancestors, who in ghostly fashion have stepped from their frames to admonish him for evading the responsibilities attached to his position.  Ultimately, however, the troubldes are dispersed by a wave of logic – the spell is broken and the lovers re-united.



Produced by John Gilbert

Musical Director:  Walter Curtis 




Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd Jack Tivers
Richard Dauntless Peter Evans
Sir Despard Murgatroyd Geoffrey Way
Old Adam Goodheart Perct Morgan
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd Lawrence Reed
Rose Maybud Norma Evans
Mad Margaret Joan Previte
Dame Hannah Connie Easy
Zora Valerie Laroche
Ruth                                                         Bernadette Carriage
Officers, Ancestors, Professional Bridesmaids & Villagers

Margaret Copping, Gwen Coy, Patricia Daniels, Eileen Daryl-Joseph, Isabel Elton, Joan Franck, Marie Anne Green, Enid Henley, Betty Kennedy, Eileen McAthy, Maria Michael, Gladys Paice, Jennifer Richardson, Joyce Ross, Barbara Simmons, Paula Sullivan, Jacqueline Tivers, Margaret Thomson.

  Colin Carriage, Peter Coxon, Alfred Coy, Peter Gibbs, Nigel Gibson-Horrocks, Jack Hudson, Cliff Kennedy, Eddie Page, Ernest Price, Brian Richardson, John Simmons, Lesley Slatter, George Storer, Ken Warner

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