Music by Montague Phillips, Lyrics by Gerald Dodson. Libretto by Alexander M. Thompson and Gerald Dodson




Lady Mary Trefusis is secretly engaged in aiding the landing near Torbay of Prince William of Orange as part of a plot to rob James II of the English throne. At a garden party at Lord Milverton’s house in Devonshire, Mary meets Lord, Milverton’s son, Derek, who is also working secretly for the cause. They have been childhood playmates and are now immediately attracted to each other, although neither is sure of the other’s political sympathies. Her fondness for Derek annoys Sir Stephen Crespigny who has been appointed by the King to investigate reports of secret landings of men and arms, because he, too, is in love with Mary.



Sir Stephen has his suspicions about Mary’s and Derek’s rebellious activities and they fall together into a trap he sets at a local inn. Luckily, the fishermen thronging the inn are on their side; they overpower Sir Stephen’s soldiers and allow Derek to escape. Sir Stephen then threatens that if Mary does not marry him, she will be tried for high treason and Derek will be shot he moment he is seen As Sir Stephen has anticipated, Derek comes to find Mary. He is seized and is about to be executed when the timely arrival of the Prince and the fishermen averts the disaster. Mary, the rebel maid, surrenders to Derek who pays tribute to the fishermen of England; they have saved his life and their country’s liberties.



Producer and Musical Director:  Harold Smethurst B.Mus, LRAM

Dances Arranged by Coral Stodel 



Derek Lanscombe David Moore
Lord Milverton George H Storer
Sir Stephen Crespigny Douglas Boniface
Captain Percy Jerome                          Joseph Ball
Septimus Bunkle Rex Bemrose
Solomon Hooker Peter Simpson
Sergeant Harold Ford
Sam                                                          Alfred Hinton
William, Prince of Orange Roderick Henley
Lady Elizabeth Weston Nora Page
Abigail Edith Hemper
Dorothy Joan Previte
Lady Mary Trefusis Jean Chandler
  Courtiers, Serving Maids,Villagers, Soldiers, Fishe
Mesdames K Baker, N Bemrose, V Cook, E Coxeter, J Chandler, S Chandler, C Crandell, C Dorney, N Evans, H L Ford, H Gibbs, I Green, J Huckle, P Hedges, E Joseph, E McAthy, N Nutbrown, B Sampson, D Simpson, M Thomson, E Walker, J Church
Messrs A Black, M Brailsford, J Cook, F Conning, J Davis, K Eldridge, P Foreman, P Gibbs, J Gray, L Harrington, P Morgan, J Muir, E Page, I Slatter, K Warner, A Wright

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