November 25th – 29th
Wimbledon Village Hall

Director:  Christopher Moon-Little
Music Director:  Kieran Stallard

The Mikado is a riotous satire of British attitudes to status, tabloid justice and sex.   Our production accentuated this with its late 60s setting revelling in the era of declining empire, free love, Mary Whitehouse censorship and eastern orientalism; made popular by the Beatles et al. This was a vibrant production that accentuated the usual elephants in the Mikado ‘room’, sex and death. The opera was full of both, from the constant references to capital punishment, to Yum Yum’s name, which is the Victorian slang version of Goldfinger’s female henchwoman.

.The Mikado Cast List

Nanki Poo Sean Anderson
Yum Yum Lara Comber
Ko Ko Nick Simpson
Pooh Bar Seumas Grey
Pish Tush Robert Owen
Pitti Sing Imogen Pedlar
Peep Bo Tiffany Redman
Katisha Charlotte Collier
The Mikado Michael McCarthy
Wandering minstrel
Or tit willow.
For the ladies I will transpose the song as needed in audition to suit the person.  I am also more than happy if someone wants to bring a song of their own choosing – this is an opportunity for them to sing on there own and I’d prefer for people to feel as comfortable as possible so as long as they have sheet music that is ok by me.  I will also do some range work in the audition as well.