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Follies | May 2024

Together, they form a powerhouse team dedicated to delivering an enchanting and unforgettable show that will captivate your hearts.



Sally Durant Plummer: Elizabeth Burton

Benjamin Stone: Russell Bramley

Phyllis Rogers Stone: Sarah Grey

Buddy Plummer:  Scott Butler

Young Sally: Ellie McWilliam

Young Ben: Joshua Yeardley

Young Phyllis: Kate Landy

Young Buddy: Charles Crow

Carlotta Campion: Laarni Cornista-Samuelsson

Stella Deems: Denise Andrews

Heidi Schiller: Nicola Wood

Hattie Walker: Charlotte Levy

Dimitri Weismann: Richard Holliday

Young Heidi: Megan Bowen

Young Stella: Amy Howell

Emily Whitman: Amy Matthewson

Solange La Fitte: Danielle Capretti

Roscoe: Will Prescott

Christine: Kathryn Felton

Theodore Whitman: TBC

DeeDee: TBC

Max Deems: TBC

Featured Dancers

Millie Cave

Lauren Cronin

Rebecca Dineen

Daniella Harrison

Lois Howarth

Jasmine Krishnamurthy-Spencer

Katie Lynn

Izzi Richardson

Emma Robinson

Tara Rogerson

Evie Rusman


Amy Allen

Ellie Barrett

Simon Rowbotham

Paul Sadler

Will Stotton

Nicola Wendel


Director - Georgie Rankom

Musical Director - Richard Campbell

Choreographer  - Jenny Galloway

Assistant Director - Tess Robinson

Producers - TBC

Tap Choreographer - Emily Bates

Get ready to step back in time to the golden era of Broadway as WLOS proudly present Stephen Sondheims’ "Follies" in May. With its dazzling choreography, unforgettable music, and a heartwarming story that explores the complexities of love, regret, and nostalgia. This classic musical promises to transport you to a world filled with glamour, dreams, and bittersweet memories.

The potent mix of politics, sex-scandals and true love come together in this contemporary musical with an infectious score that you’ll be humming long past the stroke of midnight!

Creative Team


Georgie Rankcom


Musical Director 
Richard Campbell


Jenny Galloway


Assistant Choreographer 
Emily Bates

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