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It goes without saying that much of WLOS’s success comes as a result of our valued membership base and the emphasis we all place on our core values…


‘For the love of theatre’

‘Have fun’

‘Welcome Everyone’


It’s hugely important to us that we encourage a varied and welcoming environment, where all our members can thrive and enjoy our shared hobby. We want to create a culture where everyone’s opinions and thoughts are listened to and respected, and one where we’re open to members with different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. 


Over the last 90 years, WLOS has been built on listening to our members and understanding what matters most to them. We’ve always had a positive response to receiving feedback and hearing what our members enjoy about our society or what they feel we can change.


There has been a lot of meaningful discussion and more people than ever are wanting to contribute to helping WLOS to shape our view of diversity and inclusion, which is just fantastic! 


We know that there is not a 'one size fits all' solution when it comes to truly embodying inclusion, we acknowledge this and will act accordingly on this in all of our discussions. We don’t have all the answers, but what we do have is a commitment to taking action. 


We all have a responsibility to drive a diverse and inclusive culture - so let’s keep the conversation alive and your ideas and feedback flowing.

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