Show dates: 30th May to 2nd June 2018
Venue: John McIntosh Arts Centre, London Oratory School, SW6 1RX

“Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl…” So begins this tale of romance and stardom that has captivated audiences across the globe. With sensational originality, Copacabana is a show that will leave you breathless.

Stephen, a present day aspiring songwriter, is in the midst of writing a tune telling the story of Lola: fresh off the plane from Tulsa, she arrives in New York with show-biz aspirations. Tony is a bartender/composer who falls in love with her and helps her become a Copa girl. Lola, of course, attracts the amorous attentions of Rico. When Rico goes a bit too far by abducting Lola and taking her to his rival nightclub in Havana, Tony and the whole Copacabana crew set off to rescue Lola!


Everyone wanting to be involved in Copacabana must complete an audition. Auditions are free for current members and £10 for everyone else. If you are cast, the audition fee will be deducted from your show levy.

Pre audition meetings: 6th and 8th February, 7.45pm-10pm

First round auditions: 13th and 15th February, 7.45pm-10pm

Recalls: 18th February, 6.30pm-10pm

Click here to access the audition pack!

You can come along to the pre auditions meetings on the 6th and 8th February, where you can meet the team and learn the audition music and choreography.

Get involved?

Don’t fancy yourself as a performer, but still want a taste of the sparkle? Drop the team a line at – we have plenty of off-the-stage opportunities.